Candy Glynn Wilder writes modern fantasy and directs short films. She grew up in Orange County, California, where she spent plenty of weekends visiting libraries, old bookstores and comics shops.

In high school she was in marching band, choir, and drama. Realizing she didn't want to perform full-time, Candy went to Fullerton Community College in 1986 to train for a graphic arts career, which is still her "daytime" profession.

Returning to Fullerton College in 2005, Candy worked to earn her associate's and bachelor's degrees in television and film. Along the way she won an award for a one-act play, "Stardust." In 2007, she began writing the first half of her debut novel, "Mark of The Champion."

She transferred to Cal State Fullerton, diving deep into the craft of storytelling. Candy graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor of arts in Communications: Film and Television in 2011. Later that year her husband, artist and filmmaker Fred Wilder, had brain cancer surgery, and all creative projects were put on hold.

Fortunately his surgery and treatment were highly successful. He has been in remission for ten years. Both continue to work on their projects. In January 2018 Candy completed the first draft of "Mark of The Champion." Four more drafts and a sensitivity read later, the book is finally ready for professional editing.

Candy resides in Southern California with her husband of thirty years, Fred. Their interests include art, cinema, walks at the arboretum, making odd bird noises at each other, and seeing who can find the most out-of-state license plates when they're on the road.